This fruit-based health beverage has the capacity to support wellness

Acai Berry Health Tonic

Better Health

Many of my patients enjoy drinking a natural health tonic; a blend of 19 fruits from around the world including wild-grown Brazilian Acai Berry and 18 other organic and nutrient-dense super-fruits.

It is a delicious food and a highly concentrated source of excellent nutrition that is at once nurturing, anti-inflammatory at the cell level throughout the body and powerfully anti-oxidant.

This health beverage has the capacity to support health and wellness, and help combat the ageing effects of free-radical damage, because it provides plant chemicals that are essential for our bodies but not available in most of the fruits on sale in developed countries, as they are so often grown in depleted soils, picked before they ripen and stored for long periods.

You may register as a distributor in order to buy this product at wholesale price and have it delivered direct to your home or office. As a distributor you can also, if you want to, earn significant passive income by introducing others to the juice.

If you would like to experience the health benefits of this Natural Health Tonic, contact Peter to arrange for a free tasting and presentation on the nutrient-rich qualities of the 19 fruits in the blend.

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