Energy Healing

When Peter uses this approach he moves beyond the passive channelling of healing energy that is so effective in Reiki healing.

We’re all made of energy. Through energy heading, Peter will make sure the energy is flowing free of barriers. Without such stability,  body and mind are limited on their capacities of healing themselves.

Energetic impediments can be caused by a number of internal and external factors, such as smoking or drinking habits, negative thinking, quality of relationships, distress, exposure to toxins, etc. Peter will assess your energetic field and determine which factor might be the most likely to be causing any energetic impediment that might be taking its toll on your health.

Chakra Balancing Adelaide

Here he works through Chakra balancing and seeks to invoke the healing essence of the soul of the patient. This reinforces the effectiveness of all the other healing modalities employed.

At our clinic, we recognise you for what you are: a unique body of energy. Schedule your consult with Peter today, for assessment and healing of your energetic field that will solve the problem through its root.


Adelaide naturopath, Peter the Naturopath, delivers a range of natural therapies to clients across greater Adelaide.
Please call him on 0409 427 517