Herbal remedies exert a powerful, gentle action that is in harmony with the needs of our minds and bodies

Herbal Medicines – Adelaide

Herbal or natural medicines, made exclusively from plants, are the oldest and still the most widely used system of medicine in the world.

Their benefits herbal medicines are increasingly being validated by modern scientific investigation!

Many pharmaceutical drugs are derived from one “active ingredient” isolated from a traditional herbal remedy. However, the natural product harnesses the synergistic effects among all of the components in the whole plant. When properly prescribed by a trained naturopath or herbalist, these natural remedies have none of the bad side-effects of drugs and exert a gentler action in harmony with the needs of our minds and bodies.

Natural Medicines From Your Naturopath

Your naturopath will take the time to develop a holistic understanding of the factors contributing to your wellness issues and will tailor a mix of natural medicines designed specifically to address your situation. Usually, by the time you return for your follow-up visit, your situation will have shifted and modifications to the original formulation will be beneficial.

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