Reiki Massage Adelaide

Reiki Adelaide

Reiki calls upon universal healing energy to support you in managing physical, mental and emotional issues in your life. Some describe it as a spiritually guided life force.

Reiki’s History

Reiki is a natural healing therapy that has been traced back to ancient Tibet and was only rediscovered in the 19th century by Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan.

According to the philosophy of Reiki, illnesses are supported by energy blockages in the body. The practitioner, having been attuned to act as a channel for universal healing energy, lays his hands on or over the patient. Energy then flows from the practitioner’s hands along the meridians in your body (the same pathways that are activated by acupuncture) and acts to reduce or clear any blockages.

Research On Reiki’s Benefits

Positive effects of treatment have been documented in papers published in several peer-reviewed alternative medical journals over the last few years. The benefits centre on biological indications of relaxation and increased immunity, reduced heart rate, improved blood pressure, plus reduced pain, anxiety, and depression. [Miles P, True G. “Reiki: Review of a Biofield Therapy–History, Theory, Practice and Research,” Altern Ther Health Med March/April 2003. (9)2 pp 62-72; Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide Miles, P. Tarcher/Penguin 2006].

The Reiki Healing Adelaide

You lie down, fully clothed, and relax on a massage table in a warm and comfortable room. The practitioner then moves his hands close to or rests them on, various parts of your body in a sequence of formally determined positions that correspond with the positions of the Chakras. Most patients report feeling heat in the area where the practitioner is resting his hands. The practitioner feels this too and knows it is time to move to the next position when the heat diminishes. These sensations are thought to arise when Reiki energy fills energy deficiencies in the body and aura of the patient, repairing and opening their energy channels (meridians or nadis).

Reiki Massage Adelaide

The healing energy flows naturally, within the patient, to wherever it is needed to repair physical or emotional imbalances. Nobody ever feels “bad” after a Reiki Healing and most people experience a sense of calm and relaxation, an easing of their physical symptoms and sometimes a profound emotional release.

Your Reiki Practitioner In Adelaide

Peter has 14 years of experience as a Naturopath since completing his 4-year Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy ) degree at the Southern School of Natural Therapies in Melbourne. He will share his knowledge, while drawing on his life experience, to help you achieve and maintain health and harmony in body, mind, and soul.

Reiki Sessions Pricing

A one hour massage Reiki Healing, or combined Reiki Healing and massage, costs just $80

  • Pre-pay for a block of 3 sessions and the price is only $75 per hour

Call Peter on 0409 427 517 to arrange your Reiki Healing Adelaide

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