You will feel calmer and more energised

Massage Therapy Adelaide

Massage therapy is a way to pamper your-self, smooth away stress, ease muscular problems, reduce fluid retention, relieve pain, increase range of movement and enhance wellbeing.

Natural massage therapies also support the effectiveness of natural health care by improving blood and nerve supply, and stimulating lymphatic drainage.

Many people choose to have regular massages not only for the relief of muscle tension but also to feel nurtured and cared for so that they can “switch off” from their daily responsibilities and recharge their energies in a safe environment.

Six great reasons to book your-self a regular massage:

  1. You will feel calmer and more energised
  2. Supports stress release and better stress management
  3. Releases muscle tension
  4. Promotes improved circulation and delivery of nutrients
  5. Improves lymphatic drainage and clearance of toxins
  6. Enhances concentration and mental alertness

Peter offers a range of massage therapy styles:

  • Swedish (relaxation) massage
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Deep-tissue Therapeutic massage
  • Reiki massage
  • Reiki Healing

Eileen and Kylie are just two of Peter’s many grateful massage clients.

Massage Therapy Adelaide Prices

  • A one hour massage (any style), or Reiki Healing, costs just $80
  • Pre-pay for a block of 3 sessions and pay only $75 per hour
  • Aromatherapy massage attracts a surcharge of $5

If you would like to visit a massage therapist in Adelaide, then call Peter on 0409 427 517 today.

Adelaide naturopath, Peter the Naturopath, delivers a range of natural therapies to clients across greater Adelaide.
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