Treating the whole person

Your Initial Naturopath Appointment

At your initial naturopath consultation Peter will ask you about your diet, lifestyle, energy levels, stamina, immunity, physical health, emotional health and medical history.

He will ask about the functioning of all your body systems, to identify the factors that are contributing to your current wellness issues. Your first naturopathic consultation will last for 60-90 minutes, will include an Iridology reading and sometimes other tests such as a hair mineral analysis, hormone profile, liver function test, amino-acid profile or digestive function profile may be required.

Peter will work with you to identify the factors underlying your wellness issues, to understand your priorities and to develop a naturally based healing program specifically tailored to your present situation and lifestyle.

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Adelaide naturopath, Peter the Naturopath, delivers a range of natural therapies to clients across greater Adelaide.
Please call him on 0409 427 517