Candida Adelaide

Candida albicans is a yeast which is normally present, without problems, in the digestive and vaginal tracts.

However, when the candida yeast overgrows, when immunity is low or when the lining of the intestinal tract is damaged, the body can absorb yeast cells. This can lead to “yeast syndrome” in which people feel “sick all over” with fatigue, allergies, immune system malfunction, depression, chemical sensitivities and digestive problems.

Some of the more easily detectable symptoms are fatigue, thrush (oral or vaginal), bloating, cramps and frequent bladder infections

Candidiasis Contributing Factors

The most common contributing factor is prolonged use of antibiotics which suppress the immune system and the intestinal bacteria that normally prevent yeast overgrowth. A vicious cycle can develop when antibiotics are taken in an attempt to control Candidiasis but they have the effect of preparing the way for the next attack.

Other potential pre-disposing factors include poor immunity, bowel flora imbalances, low stomach acid, low digestive enzymes, poor diet, impaired liver function and the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Candida Naturopathic Treatment

The first step in a natural Candida treatment protocol will be to address sustaining factors such as ongoing use of antibiotics or any underlying disease state or infection. Dietary changes will be made to eliminate all sugar if possible and to avoid foods containing yeast or mould.

Attention will be paid to the effectiveness of the immune system, the digestive system and to liver function. Supplements may be required to ensure excellent nutritional status and it will be important to ensure that the body is eliminating toxins effectively.

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