Naturopathy Treatment For Migraines In Adelaide

Migraines are a common affliction in our society with around 85% of the population likely to experience one at some time within a twelve-month period.

Often they are self-inflicted and sometimes their occurrence may signal a serious underlying condition.

Tension headaches are characterised by a constant dull pain that starts at the back of the head or in the forehead and spreads over the entire head giving a sensation of pressure or as though the head is in a vice. Migraine headaches are accompanied by throbbing, often one-sided, pain. They are often preceded by visual disturbances, accompanied by nausea and followed by drowsiness.

Contributing Factors To Migraines

Migraines can arise from simple causes such as dehydration, caffeine withdrawal or a hangover; from food sensitivities; from sinusitis or toothache; muscle tension or eye strain; in association with menstrual periods; as a side effect of medication; from hypertension (rarely); or from more sinister causes such as a brain haemorrhage or tumour.

Migraine headaches have long been thought to arise from increased blood flow to the brain following excessive dilation of blood vessels in the head. However, recent research suggests that migraines may have a neurological origin.

Naturopathic Treatment For Migraines

The first step towards treatment is, of course, a thorough discussion of the type of migraines and the likely triggering factors as suggested by the patient’s history.

Daily headaches are frequently found to be associated with overuse of pain relief medications. Other likely triggers include stress, certain foods, sweeteners, alcohol and coffee. The problem may be hormonal imbalances which can be corrected with dietary changes and the use of herbal medicines.

Massage can work wonders when muscle tension is the problem. Certain mineral supplements can also be very helpful.

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