Libido low

Poor libido or reduced levels of desire can occur in both men and women.

It becomes an issue when the levels of desire experienced by two people in a relationship become unbalanced, leading to both parties feeling frustrated and dissatisfied.

Contributing Factors

The underlying causes can be many and varied and often there are multiple contributing factors. These could include simple tiredness, stress, anxiety or depression, relationship issues, being overweight, excessive alcohol intake, medical conditions such as circulatory or thyroid problems or the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Problems peculiar to men could include premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, prostate issues or the side-effects of anti-hypertensive medications. Women may be experiencing difficulty achieving orgasm, affected by cystitis, recovering physically and/or emotionally from the birth of their baby, breast feeding, suffering pre-menstrual tension or feeling the onset of menopausal symptoms.

Naturopathic Treatment

As lack of sexual desire often has multiple and subtle causes, the naturopath will be particularly thorough in taking the history of the case to ensure that an effective treatment plan can be developed. The treatment options range from counselling or advice on weight loss to the use of mineral supplements and special herbs that help raise oestrogen or testosterone levels or the implementation of measures designed to reduce the need for pharmaceutical drugs.

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