Visual Merchandising Manager & Mother of Two

“I was somewhat of a cynic regarding natural therapies before I met Peter.

I went to him with a recurring deep bronchial cough that had developed every year for 4 years, following an episode of Whooping Cough. Over that time doctors had merely said I’d have to cough my way to health and this usually lasted for up to 8 weeks!

Armed with vitamins I was lacking, and a potent mix of herbs, I was astonished that the coughing ceased in just over a week. Through building my immunity, with a better diet and the ongoing vitamin plan, any coughs and colds that come my way now are thrown off quickly and don’t result in the deep debilitating cough I have always known.

Thank you Peter for showing me a better way.”

Adelaide naturopath, Peter the Naturopath, delivers a range of natural therapies to clients across greater Adelaide.
Please call him on 0409 427 517