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I could feel myself slipping back toward an unhappy state …..

I had been off anti-depressants for 12 months and was lacking energy and oversleeping. I did not like the person the anti-depressants had turned me into, so I wanted to find a natural alternative and my search led me to Peter.

Peter welcomed me into the warm and friendly environment of his clinic and listened. He did not judge and was always positive. Peter explained to me the impact that my diet and lack of exercise were having on my mood and level of motivation. He suggested some high protein foods, a few much-needed supplements and a herbal tonic that he made specifically for me, along with some simple, light outdoor exercise.

Within 6-10 weeks I felt my life turn around dramatically. I was feeling alive and on a road to happiness I had never thought possible. Words cannot express the positive effect that Peter has had on my life. As a result of working with him I am the strongest I have ever been, both mentally and physically. Six months after seeking Peter’s advice and thanks to his continuing support, I am in the best place I have been in since I can remember. Thank you Peter

Adelaide naturopath, Peter the Naturopath, delivers a range of natural therapies to clients across greater Adelaide.
Please call him on 0409 427 517