My Wife and I were seeking an alternative way to manage Crohn’s disease,

as conventional methods were not effective in any way.

When we first met, Peter was confronted by a skeptic in myself, as I was of the opinion that there was not much value in natural medicine. However, I found the conversations with Peter were grounded by common sense on his behalf and he had an extremely open thought process when we were working together to find what was going to be an effective treatment in the management of my wife’s Crohn’s disease. He mixed up some “jungle juice” (remedy as Pete puts it) and we sorted out the herbs that were going to be effective in the treatment of this condition.

About a month after starting the natural treatment there was a marked improved in my wife’s condition. We have continued to follow Peter’s guidelines and consult with him on a regular basis. My wife’s condition is considered to be in remission and, from the latest colonoscopies, the inflamed area of the bowel has reduced. The effects of Peter’s treatments have allowed us to fall pregnant for a second time, which was something we had trouble doing when my wife’s condition was inflamed. Peter has enlightened me to the potential of natural medicine and we would recommend sitting down and having a yarn with him anytime.

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